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Tracey's Creative Candles


Handmade with love

       in Essex, Ontario Canada


"Tracey has an amazing line of candles, soaps, lip balms and other great gifts. And the Personal service she provides is second to none"   Kathy HG

Welcome to Tracey's Creative Candles!

We have been eagerly awaiting your arrival! 

What you will experience here is the highest quality products made with talent, passion and creativity! Tracey has been in the candle making business for 25 years and most recently, in the last 5 years, has tripled the size of her offerings to include bath & body products, essential oils, corporate giveaways, fashionable scarves & capes, purses & wallets, gift baskets, shower & wedding favours and more!

Here are some deep, thought provoking questions for you...


Has the camel on your dry lips taken up residence?


Overdue for a relaxing or re-energizing bath, while the fizziness makes you giggle like a kid? (grab your rubber duckie!)


Want hours of calming vibes in your space lit by a single wick, double scented mason jar of clean burning awesomeness and great vino? (BYOW - Bring Your Own Wine)

Desperately want your skin to feel silky smooth without

that after-stickiness? (yes we just made that word up)

Want to switch out your partner's 1980's soap choices?


Wondering how to drop a subtle hint of - massage me NOW!

Dreaming of your home smelling less like a gym bag and more like a walk through the garden or a home baked pie without the flour all over your kitchen floor?


Domestic bliss or domestic chaos...I need a bucket of lavender to sort this stuff out!

Want to feel like someone just wrapped a warm blanket around you, fresh out of the dryer? 

If you shouted "HECK YES" to any of these questions, you are definitely in the right place! 

Our favourites


Double Scented, Hand Made Candles in a Mason Jar

Where it all began! Over 20 scents to delight your senses...hard to choose just one, so don't! Pick out some for your family and friends while you are here!

Tracey's Creative Candles

Hand Crafted Artisan Soap

Time to put down the big box soap and up your shower game with fresh scents and natural ingredients. Tracey's soap will make you want to lather up more often!

Naturally Simple

I have always wanted to create the best quality product at affordable prices...if I wouldn't pay the price of the products, I'm not expecting that you would! Natural, made with love and down right delicious! Disclaimer time, please do not eat any of this decedent smelling products...well unless you swore, then the soap is all yours! 

Thank you for being here!

     Tracey xo 

French Beach stone 1.jpg

I have always had a love for candles, soaps and body creams...add these together for a wonderful amount of ME time! Tracey's products are just that - wonderful! My skin is smooth, and my environment relaxed due to the quality and perfect scent combinations that Tracey creates. Thank you for sharing your talents with us! KG

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