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The Candle Scoop

WE have heard every single question ever asked about candles! Here are the most popular ones! Starting with...

Do you really make your own candles?

Yes, I sure do!  I’ve now been making candles for 27 years.  I’ve come a long way from the days of pouring candles on my parents kitchen counter tops, and have refined my processes over the years. I have a shop set up in my house where I make all my candles.

What are the safety percautions to be aware of

Never leave any burning candle unattended. Never leave burning candles around children, pets, near any drapery or anything else that could ignite. Blow out your candle gently and ensure that it is completely extinguished.

do you have a signature scent?

I sure do!  My Warm Apple Pie Candle is my signature scent that I have specially blended myself.  It is my most popular scent and the scent Tracey’s Creative Candles is known for.  While I have lots of popular scents, my top three sellers are Warm Apple Pie, Black Cherry, and Caramel Pecan Pastry!

are all your candles the same strength in terms of smell

All of my candles hold the maximum amount of scent that wax will hold, however some scents are just naturally stronger than others.  I like to accommodate everyone’s wants and needs so I make a variation of mild, moderate, and strong smelling scents.

What are your candles made of? What is the difference between...

My candles are now made of blend of coconut wax, paraffin wax, palm wax and mineral oil.

Paraffin is a harder wax and therefore burns longer.  Soy is a softer burning wax but has less burn time.  Neither one is better – they are just different from one another.

do your candles smell the same all the way through as they do on the top

All my candles hold the maximum amount of scent that wax can hold. I use melting tanks that hold all my wax that I personally scent and colour.  Small candles require two pourings and large candles require three pourings.  The wax comes from the same tank so what you smell on the top, you will smell the whole way through the candle

What's the beset way to burn my new TCC's candles?

Invert the lid to protect your surface. In order to maximize the burn time of your candle you should allow your candle to burn a minimum of one hour for every inch of diameter width every single time you burn it. This is a general rule of thumb with all container candles. For my small candles this means burning about 4 hours each and every time or longer, and with my large candles burning about 5 hours every time. Essentially, you want the whole top layer of wax to be completely liquid before you blow out your candle

 why does my candle have a well around the wick

Well….because you didn’t follow the burn rule noted above. It’s always important to follow best burn practices every time so you don’t get that well around your wick. Once that well takes shape, it’s very difficult to fix & you will lose out on your total burn time

are your wicks made with lead

No, nauta, no way...only corrugated paper will do for these gems

why does my wick smoke or leave a soot mark on my wall

Your wick is too long and needs to be trimmed. Wicks should only ever be about a quarter of an inch.  You don’t need a fancy wick trimming gadget! Wait until your wick cools and then carefully break it off with your fingers so that it is a quarter inch high.

Whew, made it through all those! Well done! Now it is definitely time to shop for your favourite candles! 

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