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The Real Story

Meet Tracey & the Crew


Hello! Many thanks for checking out my new website for Tracey's Creative Candles, happy to share it with you!


Who knew after 27 years of creating my own handmade candles, attending artisans shows all over the province, staying up to the early morning hours to make labels the night before a big show - that I would jump into a new website for more of you to enjoy all the creations I have been bringing to life in my home studio. Social worker at CMHA Windsor/Essex by day, Candle/Bath & Body Creative Goddess by night and weekends! 

A massive thank you to my entire team of TCC family that have been cheering me on from the start! My Mom and Dad (aka Linda & Willie) have packed my car up about 22,931 times now as we prep for a break-of-dawn departure for booth set up. They are champions of keeping me calm, organized and pack a mean survival kit full of goodies and buckets full of water to get me through a weekend in the heat in my TCC’s booth! Did I mention that my Mom bakes decadent goodies for my Christmas Open House each year? You definitely need to sign up for the emails so you don't miss out on those!


My 3 nieces Liz, Julia and Sarah have been diving in to make double scented candles, bath and body creations and Fizzy Fairy Dust (yes really, that is what is it called! #crowdfavourite), setting up the camping chairs and whipped body butter displays ready for 20,000 show goers to merge into Tracey’s Creative Candles booth! Thank you to my sister Jennifer and BIL Rob for renting out your wonderful daughters when needed!

You would be proud of me…a couple of years ago I actually let go of the reigns a little and allowed my SIL in to re-brand my business…well the first show in we sold everything, including the lampshades! Due to that success, I have trusted her with helping me build this snazzy new website! (I highly recommend Kerry if you need to jump start your own marketing!

And then…there is ‘Sarnia’. A loving nickname for my boyfri…oh wait…my husband! That’s right, you read it here first! I married the love of my life in October, 2021! Woohoo! Thank you Martin for all your support and for lugging all those candle boxes & bath/body product bins up the stairs every other weekend! I know the show tent is a tad bit frustrating at times, but atleast we aren’t building Ikea furniture! Saying a big thank you to Martin's 2 jewels, Erin and Tom - it is so great of you to jump in and help whenever we need you! 


I am blessed with a wonderful family that are all part of making this company a success! I am officially welcoming you into

the Tracey's Creative Candles family!


Now please go purchase my products that I made by hand, especially for you! Your own family will thank you too!

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