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A 5 Candle Melt Mixed Bundle

A 5 Candle Melt Mixed Bundle


Choose this bundle if you are looking of more of a good thing! Regularly $5 each Candle Melt, this gives you 5 for $20!  Choose all your favourites scents!

Here is the scoop...

Choose this bundle = multiples of 5   

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In the shopping cart area, you will see the ADD A NOTE section, down the left side.

Please enter the 5 scents you would like to order in that NOTE section!

It's that easy! 

  • The Goods

    Tracey's Melts collection is for those that love a scent-filled space without having to light a wick! Same high quality, just packaged differently for your lifestyle. One great thing about Tracey's proucts, they smell exactly as they are labeled! No guessing needed! (If you try to scratch and sniff through the screen, we won't tell anyone!) With that said, choose your order with confidence! 

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