Cream Cheese Frosting Room Spray

Cream Cheese Frosting Room Spray


Looking for something to freshen up your home, linens (just not of silk please), car or cottage? Maybe your boat or tent? These room sprays by Tracey are amazing! You can have all the fantastic scents without lighting a wick! This new Cream Cheese Frosting scent is so exciting! It has had the smell tests by hundreds of shoppers in the Tracey's Creative Candles Booth and got an overwhelming thumbs up! 

Please don't eat it, though once you smell it, we know you will want to! Add it to your cart, or add 2, so you don't have to share yours! 

  • Room Spray Tips

    • Shake your bottle well before spraying
    • Spray lightly to start, less is more with this quality product! 
    • Ok for linens, just not silk
    • Do not leave spray bottle in extreme heat or cold